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What is up with Second Life’s 7th Birthday celebration?

Now what?

It was bad enough that parcels were limited to 1024 sqm and only 234 prims and the place on the application to describe your idea was limited to 200 words, but the disorganization around allocating parcels was a disaster…at least for us it was.

Micheil and I submitted a proposal for an exhibit called Me & My AV on May 17th. The deadline for submissions was May 20 and builders were to be notified by June 3rd if they had been accepted.

We finally received word that we had a parcel…last night at midnight in my time zone…a scant one week before building closes. (Or so the says the same schedule that assured us we’d know about our application on June 3rd.)

But, it took the both of us raising  hell on the Second Life Birthday group to get anything to happen.

[2010/06/10 17:33]  Micheil Merlin: Courtney, when will everyone be notified?

[2010/06/10 17:43]  Micheil Merlin: A suggestion:  It would be nice for someone to post a group notice regarding the status of the exhibit acceptance process.

[2010/06/10 17:44]  Micheil Merlin: Any communiction would be welcome

[2010/06/10 17:45]  Person A: Doc sent a notice this afternoon

[2010/06/10 17:45]  Nickola Martynov: that was for entertainers

[2010/06/10 17:45]  Person B: the information everyone received went over the process, I believe, Micheil

[2010/06/10 17:45]  Nickola Martynov: that was for entertainers

[2010/06/10 17:45]  Micheil Merlin: I don’t believe there has been any notice regarding exhibits since 6/5

[2010/06/10 17:46]  Person B: Doc sent a notice this afternoon

[2010/06/10 17:46]  Micheil Merlin: About entertainment. Not exhibits

[2010/06/10 17:46]  Nickola Martynov: Person B, Doc’s notice was for entertainers not builders

[2010/06/10 17:47]  Person B: granted, Nickola

[2010/06/10 17:47]  Person C: I know people want to know things and that understandable but please bear with us – 2 of the lindens working on these things were laid off so everyones under a bit of pressure

(Not true. Two Lindens were assigned to SL7B. Mia Linden was laid off, Courtney was not.)
[Update: I was incorrect here. There were three Lindens involved: Mia, Courtney and Sejong. I checked the list but failed to register Sejong’s name lower down the page. Thank you Toxic Menges for bringing this to my attention.]

[2010/06/10 17:47]  Nickola Martynov:  there has been no notice to say all parcel have been allocated and that if you haven’t heard you are sol

[2010/06/10 17:48]  Nickola Martynov: Thank you Person C but there is now less than one week of building time. There are still two sims with no prims on them. Some of us would like to know if we should allocate our time to other projects

[2010/06/10 17:49]  Nickola Martynov: May I remind you the allocations were to have been completed by the 5th.

[2010/06/10 17:51]  Person B again: I’d like to remind everyone that the people who are working are volunteers…and are trying their best to do the best job they can

[2010/06/10 17:53]  Nickola Martynov: And I love Jesus, but that doesn’t help me get a decent exhibit built in less than a week.

I went and had a look at our parcel this morning. It wasn’t on one of the two entirely empty sims. And still I was astounded at how many empty parcels I could see. Clearly, there was a lack of applications and the  allocation process was badly hampered by something.

It seems to me that there is a culture of failure around these major exhibitions. Some people involved work day and night to make things right, while others do little more than poke sticks into the wheels.

But it’s all moot now for anyway. I have real life commitments this week and next that mean we won’t have time to complete the on-site work that needs doing. Micheil is going to pull something out of his inventory to put on the parcel.

I’m upset because we had already put several months work into developing Me & My AV.  The prims were ready, but we still needed a good 10 days on site to make it work properly.

So, if you ever wonder why there is so much trash at the big exhibitions, now you know.


Going Live on Reaction Grid

Art Deco work area

It seems like my virtual life is in a state of near constant flux these days. A few weeks ago, I had to move in SL when iliveisl Estates shut down. And now, as I’m writing this, my other virtual home, Enclave Harbour, is in the process of transferring to live on Reaction Grid. Unlike the Mangrove Bog, Enclave Harbour isn’t lost, just moving to better digs. But still…it’s change.

Ener Hax, DreamWalker McCallister, Micheil Merlin and I have been building and scripting like mad for the last few weeks to get as much done as possible on 16 sims in preparation for the move. The work was evenly divided with Ener building out 14 sims and and me working on two. (woot!)

Inventory suitcases

Ener was worried about how the builds would fare in the transfer, so I made backup copies to my hard drive of all the important components and took a slew of photos in case I had to recreate anything.

I saw Kyle Gomboy 
as Reaction Grid in, er, Reaction Grid this morning. He assures me that they’ve done these transfers many times, that they usually go smoothly, and that builds usually translate very well. Mind you, perhaps Kyle hasn’t seen what Ener can do with a megaprim.

So long green hair!

The Nickola that was signing into Enclave Harbour will go poof in the transfer. There is already an RG Nickola with much better hair. But, EH Nickola packed up all her stuff in a suitcase and set it out to go with the sims so RG Nickola can use it.

Oddly, nothing in that previous paragraph confuses me.

The Ugliest Particle in Second Life

My building partner, Micheil Merlin, and I are kicking around an idea for M&M Exhibitions and Spectacles, possibly to be unveiled at SL7B in a few months. Involving particle effects, I’m experimenting with the parameters to see what I can learn. I’ve created some breathtaking effects by simply plugging random numbers into certain parameters.

And then I made this one…

That is easily the ugliest particle effect I have ever seen.

I had this idea of an exhibit of the ugliest particles in Second Life…but nevermind. It’s too icky.

A few of the prettier ones are posted on my Flickr page.

And down it comes…

How to Catch a Monkey at Burning Life 2009

Our little monkey has escaped for the last time.

With a little bit of sadness, Micheil and I took down our Burning Life build today. We were very happy with how well the machine performed overall. Even with the near constant lag, Micheil’s data logs said the machine performed properly 90% of the time.

Thank you to all the nice people who im’d us to say how much they enjoyed our exhibit.

I was delighted to find out today that Keumjoo Ahn, a Second Life machinima artist, filmed our machine running for her piece Hahaha. Our bit comes at 1:25 in the movie.

Ener Hax gave us some blog space and took many great pictures of our build too. Thanks so much Ener!

Burning Life Freebies

Four Vintage Circus Posters

Four Vintage Circus Posters

This set of vintage circus posters are free to copy at our Burning Life Camp: How to Catch a Monkey or you can pick them up for a $1L on XStreetSL.

Festival Monkey!

Festival Monkey!

This cute toy monkey is free to copy at our Burning Life Camp: How to Catch a Monkey or you can pick up a similar one on XStreetSL.

Burning Life Opens with a Lag!

Yes! Burning Life is open to everyone as of 3pm SLT today. The first rush on the gates caused enormous lag throughout the region. Some fared better than others.

In our case, the “dance school” next door had 30 avatars dancing in the camp within minutes of the gates opening. Our build didn’t have a chance. It worked slowly a couple of times and then it broke down.

However, Micheil is confident it will be all right after this initial rush is over.

Be sure to stop by and visit…tomorrow maybe.

Our circus themed camp by night just before the gates opened on Burning Life 2009

Our circus themed camp by night just before the gates opened on Burning Life 2009

How to Catch a Monkey (at Burning Life)

With the most sincere of apologies to Rube Goldberg and his descendants in perpetuity…

Welcome to Nickola and Micheil’s monkey catching machine based on the cartoon machines of Rube Goldberg.

How the machine works. Click the photo to see it full-size on Flickr, if necessary

How the machine works. Click the photo to see it full-size on Flickr, if necessary

  1. Monkey escapes from cage
  2. Runs to minature hot air balloon.
  3. Escaping balloon knocks the ball off its perch
  4. Ball rolls along the tightwire.
  5. Ball falls off the end and knocks the clown car into gear.
  6. The car smashes into a pile of circus items, scaring the sleeping cat.
  7. The scared cat leaps into the sleeping caravan
  8. Pushes the circus worker out the back and into the cistern.
  9. A duck nesting in the cistern rushes to the pond to escape. The dolphin hears the quacking and thinks it’s showtime so it leaps up to catch the ring suspended over the pool.
  10. The rope holding the ring breaks and engages the switch that starts the motor that brings the net down over the monkey.

Visit us at Burning Life – Quinn