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Going Live on Reaction Grid

Art Deco work area

It seems like my virtual life is in a state of near constant flux these days. A few weeks ago, I had to move in SL when iliveisl Estates shut down. And now, as I’m writing this, my other virtual home, Enclave Harbour, is in the process of transferring to live on Reaction Grid. Unlike the Mangrove Bog, Enclave Harbour isn’t lost, just moving to better digs. But still…it’s change.

Ener Hax, DreamWalker McCallister, Micheil Merlin and I have been building and scripting like mad for the last few weeks to get as much done as possible on 16 sims in preparation for the move. The work was evenly divided with Ener building out 14 sims and and me working on two. (woot!)

Inventory suitcases

Ener was worried about how the builds would fare in the transfer, so I made backup copies to my hard drive of all the important components and took a slew of photos in case I had to recreate anything.

I saw Kyle Gomboy 
as Reaction Grid in, er, Reaction Grid this morning. He assures me that they’ve done these transfers many times, that they usually go smoothly, and that builds usually translate very well. Mind you, perhaps Kyle hasn’t seen what Ener can do with a megaprim.

So long green hair!

The Nickola that was signing into Enclave Harbour will go poof in the transfer. There is already an RG Nickola with much better hair. But, EH Nickola packed up all her stuff in a suitcase and set it out to go with the sims so RG Nickola can use it.

Oddly, nothing in that previous paragraph confuses me.


Action Reaction (Grid)

Level2Venue build for Reaction Grid

New building under construction for Level2Venue

Subquark Hax said. So I sent Ener an im and said. And now I’m building conference and learning facilities on an OpenSim that will be connected to the Reaction Grid.

The OpenSim has improved a lot since I experimented with it last year. Since you’re not connected to a public grid, building there is very quiet. Really quiet. All the tools and clever things I have in my SL inventory are not at hand and, in many ways, it feels as if I’ve returned to the Stone Age of virtual building. But also kindles the imagination and whets my appetite to create, much like Philip Linden must have first imagined when he visualized the virtual desert that became Second Life.

And down it comes…

How to Catch a Monkey at Burning Life 2009

Our little monkey has escaped for the last time.

With a little bit of sadness, Micheil and I took down our Burning Life build today. We were very happy with how well the machine performed overall. Even with the near constant lag, Micheil’s data logs said the machine performed properly 90% of the time.

Thank you to all the nice people who im’d us to say how much they enjoyed our exhibit.

I was delighted to find out today that Keumjoo Ahn, a Second Life machinima artist, filmed our machine running for her piece Hahaha. Our bit comes at 1:25 in the movie.

Ener Hax gave us some blog space and took many great pictures of our build too. Thanks so much Ener!

Creating a whole sim!

Have I mentioned that Ener Hax is amazing? After exclaiming over my personal build on Enercay Midkey, she gave me a chance to develop an entire sim on the iliveisl Estates.

Enercay Westkey was developed as a series of cays out of the eroding sand from the mainland

Enercay Westkey was developed as a series of cays out of the eroding sand from the mainland

The sim is in the southwest corner of the estate. To the north was high ground with a canal that emptied into Enercay Westkey. To the east was a sim with an extinct volcano as the central feature.

In designing Enercay Westkey I went with the ‘cay’ and created islands that dropped in elevation from the high points along the north edge to sea level long the two water sides.

I brought in lots of waterways between the parcels and shaped the sand-textured islands to appear as if they were created from erosion of the higher places in the estate.

Erosion control features

Erosion control features

With a nod to Ener’s post atomic theme of the estates I created makeshift erosion control barriers from posts, rock and grasses.

Evidence of ancient volcanic activity from the sim next door

Evidence of ancient volcanic activity from the sim next door

And because the extinct volcano on the next sim would have, most likely, created smaller islands around it of harder rock, I created a volcanic island in the lower southwest corner of the sim. The top has eroded now and sand washing from the mainland has caught in the rock and, over the millenia, a landmass has formed that serves to prevent the rest of the islands in the sim from washing out to sea.

The chance to work with a whole sim was fantastic and I’m grateful to Ener for giving me the chance to try out some of my ideas.
More photos

Now to be able to build a sim with custom homes so that tenants don’t come in and just flatten everything within the parcel borders!