Red Lashes of Mars

Red Lashes of Mars

With windlight Gelatto settings, avatars dancing on media enhanced cubes

It’s amazing to watch the artists of SL exploring the medium and hammering away at the boundaries of digital art. A little over a year ago, Kolor Fall invited me to sit on some cubes he had floating in the air on his sim. At that time, Kolor was coming to grips with the Second Life physics engine to see what could be done.

Last night, we were invited to revisit Red Lashes of Mars, an installation of music by Cypress Rosewood, machinima by Stretch Mayo and the sculptures and sculptured terrain of Kolor’s eponymous sim. Avatars, dancing on great cubes textured with live machinima, were swirled and turned and floated 300 meters and more, while original trance compositions played on the stream.

I took more than 100 pictures using all the Windlight settings available. About 30 of them are included in this slideshow, which gives the best effect of the evening’s performance.


Drip, drip, drip….

Melted Snowpeople

Melted Snowpeople

Emergency dental surgery on Monday left me with more time on my hands than usual this week.
So, while I’ve been working on the summer setting for our skybox, I’ve used my leisure time to play out melting down the winter scene.

In RL, I love early spring when the snow turns slushy and grey and slowly pulls back to reveal muddy ground from which the earliest spring flowers are already pushing their way through.

Spring flowers through the snow

Spring flowers through the snow

In Second Life, I created window screens with dripping textures and the sound of dripping water from eaves. Twice a day, I lowered the sculpty snow fields by 0.02m pulling back to show the Library snow& grass texture on the lawn.

Snowdrops and early purple crocuses are up and blooming in the sunny spots between the trees.

Barky's descent into slush

Barky's descent into slush

On the rink, I’ve used the scultpy snow fields here and there to create a slushy feel to the ice. I used a rotted ice texture on the base ice and the snow fields and the sculpted slush is raised by 0.02m everyday.
Objects on the ice, like the barrel bench and “Barky” (made by Arrow Inglewood) have been sinking into the slush.

I think I’ll have to rescue Barky today and pull him to the deck to dry out before getting stored away for the summer. 😉

Spring arrives on Saturday. I’ve put in a pool and a stable this year. It should be fun.

Spring Runoff

Snow people meltdown

Snow family meltdown

In my RL winter is just getting hold. With the bulk of RL ski season still to go, it’s nice to head into SL where it’s early spring and the tulips will be blooming by the weekend.

I’m having fun melting the snow family. They melt so much more attractively than real snow people. The piled drifts around the house have disappeared and I’ve made prims that continually drip water from the eaves that use a sound file I made with a file downloaded from If you want one [copy/mod/no trans] for your builds, im me in Second Life.


Christmas Hair I have been longing for this hair with the soft scarf from Maitreya for quite some time. I was thrilled to find it in my stocking on Christmas along with the Prim Puppeteer vendor’s pack!

I used the free version of Prim Puppeteer to animate the monkey and other critters in our Rube Goldberg machine at Burning Life this year. But the free version doesn’t let you transfer the animated prims, so I’m looking forward to being able to create new animated works to give away or sell.

Merlin got handmade gifts this year. The blue plaid “house pants” were on his wish list. They have a string tie at the waist and I made them roomy and soft for sitting around and watching videos at home.
Merlin's Christmas Presents

The telescope was fun to make. I bought a kit of sculpt maps from Twisted Thorn to make the telescope parts. The telescope base piece is repeated in the stool legs.

The telescope, stool and the rug are linked together with the rug as the root prim. When Merlin sits on the stool in the custom pose, his camera view is locked inside the scope peering up at the inside face of the front lens textured with space images. He can scroll through images I downloaded from the NASA website by clicking the lens and he can add his own images to the selection by dropping them into the root prim.

Christmas Eve Skate Party

Originally uploaded by Nestra Careless

A late night skating party on Scarp’s sim made waiting for Santa a whole lot easier.

Seasons Greetings

Seasons Greetings from Nickola & Merlin

Best wishes to all for 2010

Action Reaction (Grid)

Level2Venue build for Reaction Grid

New building under construction for Level2Venue

Subquark Hax said. So I sent Ener an im and said. And now I’m building conference and learning facilities on an OpenSim that will be connected to the Reaction Grid.

The OpenSim has improved a lot since I experimented with it last year. Since you’re not connected to a public grid, building there is very quiet. Really quiet. All the tools and clever things I have in my SL inventory are not at hand and, in many ways, it feels as if I’ve returned to the Stone Age of virtual building. But also kindles the imagination and whets my appetite to create, much like Philip Linden must have first imagined when he visualized the virtual desert that became Second Life.