What is up with Second Life’s 7th Birthday celebration?

Now what?

It was bad enough that parcels were limited to 1024 sqm and only 234 prims and the place on the application to describe your idea was limited to 200 words, but the disorganization around allocating parcels was a disaster…at least for us it was.

Micheil and I submitted a proposal for an exhibit called Me & My AV on May 17th. The deadline for submissions was May 20 and builders were to be notified by June 3rd if they had been accepted.

We finally received word that we had a parcel…last night at midnight in my time zone…a scant one week before building closes. (Or so the says the same schedule that assured us we’d know about our application on June 3rd.)

But, it took the both of us raising  hell on the Second Life Birthday group to get anything to happen.

[2010/06/10 17:33]  Micheil Merlin: Courtney, when will everyone be notified?

[2010/06/10 17:43]  Micheil Merlin: A suggestion:  It would be nice for someone to post a group notice regarding the status of the exhibit acceptance process.

[2010/06/10 17:44]  Micheil Merlin: Any communiction would be welcome

[2010/06/10 17:45]  Person A: Doc sent a notice this afternoon

[2010/06/10 17:45]  Nickola Martynov: that was for entertainers

[2010/06/10 17:45]  Person B: the information everyone received went over the process, I believe, Micheil

[2010/06/10 17:45]  Nickola Martynov: that was for entertainers

[2010/06/10 17:45]  Micheil Merlin: I don’t believe there has been any notice regarding exhibits since 6/5

[2010/06/10 17:46]  Person B: Doc sent a notice this afternoon

[2010/06/10 17:46]  Micheil Merlin: About entertainment. Not exhibits

[2010/06/10 17:46]  Nickola Martynov: Person B, Doc’s notice was for entertainers not builders

[2010/06/10 17:47]  Person B: granted, Nickola

[2010/06/10 17:47]  Person C: I know people want to know things and that understandable but please bear with us – 2 of the lindens working on these things were laid off so everyones under a bit of pressure

(Not true. Two Lindens were assigned to SL7B. Mia Linden was laid off, Courtney was not.)
[Update: I was incorrect here. There were three Lindens involved: Mia, Courtney and Sejong. I checked the list but failed to register Sejong’s name lower down the page. Thank you Toxic Menges for bringing this to my attention.]

[2010/06/10 17:47]  Nickola Martynov:  there has been no notice to say all parcel have been allocated and that if you haven’t heard you are sol

[2010/06/10 17:48]  Nickola Martynov: Thank you Person C but there is now less than one week of building time. There are still two sims with no prims on them. Some of us would like to know if we should allocate our time to other projects

[2010/06/10 17:49]  Nickola Martynov: May I remind you the allocations were to have been completed by the 5th.

[2010/06/10 17:51]  Person B again: I’d like to remind everyone that the people who are working are volunteers…and are trying their best to do the best job they can

[2010/06/10 17:53]  Nickola Martynov: And I love Jesus, but that doesn’t help me get a decent exhibit built in less than a week.

I went and had a look at our parcel this morning. It wasn’t on one of the two entirely empty sims. And still I was astounded at how many empty parcels I could see. Clearly, there was a lack of applications and the  allocation process was badly hampered by something.

It seems to me that there is a culture of failure around these major exhibitions. Some people involved work day and night to make things right, while others do little more than poke sticks into the wheels.

But it’s all moot now for anyway. I have real life commitments this week and next that mean we won’t have time to complete the on-site work that needs doing. Micheil is going to pull something out of his inventory to put on the parcel.

I’m upset because we had already put several months work into developing Me & My AV.  The prims were ready, but we still needed a good 10 days on site to make it work properly.

So, if you ever wonder why there is so much trash at the big exhibitions, now you know.


8 responses to “SL7B?

  1. I’m sorry I took so long to approve your comment, LittleLost Linden. I was marked as spam and I didn’t see it.

    I think a lot of people’s unhappiness over the layoffs affected the mood of what should have been a happy celebration. I spent very little time there myself, only attending to visit friend’s exhibits. Those bloody fountains got on my nerves.

  2. You know, you have to wonder what kind of a celebration SL7B is going to be like 1 week after a 30% reduction in staff. Talk about a downer.

    Of course, I will still attend, but I won’t be as happy as I would have been without the layoffs.

  3. Hi Hypatia! Thanks for stopping by.

    Yes, it is extremely disheartening for me to not have the chance to do the build that we started working on in January. The idea came to me during Burning Life last fall and I have been anticipating putting on the exhibit every since. (I love to show off!)

    I’m very bitter at the moment and telling Micheil that I’m never getting involved in another exhibition again. But Micheil knows me well enough to let me rant. He also knows that when I’m done ranting, I’ll have an idea for Burning Life in the fall.

  4. Most of work on these exhibitions is done by volunteers, Ener. There is always a Linden connection at the very top, however.

    Courtney Linden was/is in charge of allocating the parcels, and Courtney was not let go. However, while I’m sure she was extremely traumatized by the events of the week, the fact is that the parcels were to have been all handed out on June 5th. Had they stuck to schedule, then she could have had her moment with her colleagues.

    I have a number of gripes that never made it into this post. One that continually needles me is they way they never seem to anticipate what kind of parcels will be needed and then make it sound like it’s the residents fault for causing them extra work.

    “Almost everyone asked for a 1024 space so we have had to do some last minute reparcelling. This has delayed distribution of the acceptances as we find room for everyone.”

    I mean, come on, who couldn’t see that coming?

  5. Sally Caves

    Nickola, this is so disheartening. I know others who have been working on their plots now for more than a week.


  6. wow on the comm string! i bet they are under pressure! cripes, to lose 30% of the peeps but have the same workload plus you are probably pretty freaked out

    this is an example of abusing employees – fire people and make those left behind so fearful that they work longer hours

    isn’t that a little Machiavellian?

  7. My mistaken then, Toxic. I looked at the wiki but didn’t see Sejong’s name lower down on the list.

    And yes, thank you again for your help in getting a message through on our behalf.

  8. Toxic Menges

    Regarding this point here .. Two of the three Lindens were in fact laid off. Sejong Linden and Mia Linden. Courtney is indeed still working the event.

    As promised I did pass your request on, and I am glad you now have your plot 🙂

    [2010/06/10 17:47] Person C: I know people want to know things and that understandable but please bear with us – 2 of the lindens working on these things were laid off so everyones under a bit of pressure

    (Not true. Two Lindens were assigned to SL7B. Mia Linden was laid off, Courtney was not.)

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