Scottius Polke at project Z

Lunamaruna is a hand-painted fairy tale land where orange manatees fly in a purple sky and sharks are equipped with miners’ headlamps for a better hunting experience.

Lunamaruna seems to be a happy little place to settle down and raise a family, until you look beneath the storybook illustrations. Peeking inside the doors of the homes and offices tell an entirely different story.

On now at project Z.

More pictures on Flickr


4 responses to “Scottius Polke at project Z

  1. wow! those are such beautiful colours!!!! wowowowowow =)

  2. Hi Scottius. You found me! I was going to send you a link when I got inworld tonight.

    This was the first I’ve seen of your work and I just loved it. Thanks.

    (Yes, Nes. You NEED to check it out!)

  3. Scottius Polke

    Nice to see you last night Nickola and love the pics you took 🙂

  4. Nestra Careless

    oh, very cool! I need to check that out, thanks 🙂

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