Red Lashes of Mars

Red Lashes of Mars

With windlight Gelatto settings, avatars dancing on media enhanced cubes

It’s amazing to watch the artists of SL exploring the medium and hammering away at the boundaries of digital art. A little over a year ago, Kolor Fall invited me to sit on some cubes he had floating in the air on his sim. At that time, Kolor was coming to grips with the Second Life physics engine to see what could be done.

Last night, we were invited to revisit Red Lashes of Mars, an installation of music by Cypress Rosewood, machinima by Stretch Mayo and the sculptures and sculptured terrain of Kolor’s eponymous sim. Avatars, dancing on great cubes textured with live machinima, were swirled and turned and floated 300 meters and more, while original trance compositions played on the stream.

I took more than 100 pictures using all the Windlight settings available. About 30 of them are included in this slideshow, which gives the best effect of the evening’s performance.


One response to “Red Lashes of Mars

  1. Nestra Careless

    Wow, you really got some fantastic shots! That was such a fun night, I can’t wait to see what he does next.

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