Action Reaction (Grid)

Level2Venue build for Reaction Grid

New building under construction for Level2Venue

Subquark Hax said. So I sent Ener an im and said. And now I’m building conference and learning facilities on an OpenSim that will be connected to the Reaction Grid.

The OpenSim has improved a lot since I experimented with it last year. Since you’re not connected to a public grid, building there is very quiet. Really quiet. All the tools and clever things I have in my SL inventory are not at hand and, in many ways, it feels as if I’ve returned to the Stone Age of virtual building. But also kindles the imagination and whets my appetite to create, much like Philip Linden must have first imagined when he visualized the virtual desert that became Second Life.


4 responses to “Action Reaction (Grid)

  1. Just wanted to say: best Copyright Warning… ever. Glad to have you in OpenSims/RG!

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  3. Soon we will be hypergridded and that will open so many possibilities.

    Nickola is modest and humble. It is an honour to have her building on the Level 2 Venue Reaction Grid.

    She has created wonderful and beautiful builds for the SL6B (Second Life 6th Birthday) and Burning Life.

    Her passion is clear and starting from scratch takes a lot of passion indeed. Fortunately, all of her Second Life talent is 100% transferable!

    Thank you Nickola for being here.

  4. I cannot wait to see this in completion-the idea is so cool it reminds me of playing Battlefield 2 the Dalian China Nuclear Power Plant map.

    I’ll pop by inworld “Reaction Core” and check things out…

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