And down it comes…

How to Catch a Monkey at Burning Life 2009

Our little monkey has escaped for the last time.

With a little bit of sadness, Micheil and I took down our Burning Life build today. We were very happy with how well the machine performed overall. Even with the near constant lag, Micheil’s data logs said the machine performed properly 90% of the time.

Thank you to all the nice people who im’d us to say how much they enjoyed our exhibit.

I was delighted to find out today that Keumjoo Ahn, a Second Life machinima artist, filmed our machine running for her piece Hahaha. Our bit comes at 1:25 in the movie.

Ener Hax gave us some blog space and took many great pictures of our build too. Thanks so much Ener!


One response to “And down it comes…

  1. your machine was incredibly cool and worked flawlessly for me, i really, really enjoyed it!

    you two are so talented. i mean just coming up with the idea was enough to wow me

    making come to life was amazing!

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