Halloween Costumes

Nickola Martynov as the Anti-Perse Halloween 2009

The Anti-Perse: evil twin of Persephone Phoenix, SL poetry's angel of mercy

I normally wear this mass of red hair with my mermaid av, but when I tried it on with the Bloody Mary skin that came as a Halloween group gift, it was “dead” obvious what my costume had to be. The Bard’s head slowly drips blood until someone clicks on it. Then I start running in circles, screaming and flooding the place with particle blood

Skin: Bloody Mary, UZURI group gift
Eyes: Blood Eyes, hunt gift from Fallen Gods Inc.
Hair: Madison Sun, freebie collected from somewhere
Top: Smokey Black Top, in store freebie from Sascha’s Designs
Skirt: Part of Black Flowered Wedding Gown by Marinoco Fashion
Gloves: Part of DIVA Black lace cape, freebie from : bijou :
Bard head: Free sculpture by Art Laxness (modified)

Merlin pulled together a wonderful Hunter S. Thompson costume. As soon as I can get him to stand still for a photograph, I’ll update the post.


One response to “Halloween Costumes

  1. Persephone Phoenix

    Miss you, Nikki. Hope you have a wonderful Presidents’ day.

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