Burning Life 2009

The playa on Quinn

The playa on Quinn

My building partner, Micheil Merlin, and I are delighted to have been awarded a Theme Camp at Burning Life this year. As M&M Entertainment & Spectacles, we are planning to build a Rube Goldberg machine to catch a monkey!

We hope we will build it, that is. We’re not sure if what we have in mind will work once the intense lag of these exhibitions hits.

The image is of the playa on Quinn before the hoards began arriving in the land rushes that are being held all week.

My friend and imaginative builder, Lauston Oh, hasn’t been successful yet in getting a camp for himself. I’ve got my fingers crossed for him, because Burning Life just wouldn’t be Burning Life without some of Lauston’s craziness.


One response to “Burning Life 2009

  1. that is quite a goal, but knowing the two of you, well – you will pull it off and it will be a great addition to burning life!

    good luck! my sl flickr camera is loaded with film and ready to go! =)

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