My home base in Second Life

At home in a Mangrove Swamp

At home in a Mangrove bog

I moved to Enercay Midkey in the iliveisl Estates in April of this year. As I stood and looked at the land I had just purchased, I had this crazy idea to create a Mangrove Swamp. I’ve never been in a real Mangrove Swamp, so I looked around SL but found no other Mangrove Swamp anywhere else. I suppose my idea stemmed from that virtual vacuum and I was sucked in.

Rattan Sunhut at the ocean edge

Rattan Sunhut at the ocean edge

Mangrove Swamps, it turns out, are actually very important to the environment. They are a filter between salt and fresh water along coastlines in tropical environments worldwide. Their distinctive root systems, adapted to both air and water, act like a sponge sucking up salt and pollution from the water that passes through the thick knobby maze. The roots cause the silt from freshwater runoff to fall out before it heads into the ocean and they provide an ecosystem unlike any other for numerous types of aquatic life. As if that wasn’t enough, the wood of the Mangrove is very hard and burns so efficiently that it has been used to power industrial sites in developing nations.
Different levels and rope bridges

Different levels and rope bridges

My utterly amazing Estate Manager, Ener Hax, did a write-up on this build in her blog and uploaded some terrific pictures to Flickr.


One response to “My home base in Second Life

  1. the pics say 1000 words. having stumbled upon her build (i spend very little time checking up on anyone – the residents here are very self-sufficient and creative) i was immediately taken with a sense of calm, her balance of water, land, and plants is masterful

    having spent time in south florida, i am acutely aware of mangroves and her spot was like being one with nature, but minus the mosquitoes!

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